BC small 12


THE HEATH    -      TEN YEARS ON   ……..


Released from restrictive ties that tethered,

you’ve morphed into land now sweetly heathered.

Your spirit – once broken – has woken and stirred,

attracting things budded, feathered and furred,

and there are many strings to your heathery bow;

with an easy grace swallows swoop low

over your pond where crowfoot blooms

float like feathers and a dragonfly looms -

poised in flight on shimmering wings

above whirligig beetles swimming in rings.


You’ve had bat nights, moth nights and countless butterfly days,

egg hunts, history talks and wonderful fungal forays.

Hedgerows were planted for creatures to nest,

and a bench was installed for the weary to rest.

A pond-dipping session with a local school

was proclaimed by the pupils as “wicked!” and “cool!”

The ‘beating of bounds’ is an ancient way

of establishing where the boundaries lay;

so, with sticks, a jolly band

beat the borders of your land.


Lovingly restored to its former glory,

the Control Tower tells its wartime story. 

The tower now boasts a different role

with conservation as its goal.

Birds and bats nest and mate,

moths and butterflies hibernate - 

safe within those concrete walls,

as the nights draw in and winter calls.


Way up high a skylark sings

and buzzards soar on lazy wings;

and hairstreaks dance like purple sprites

in oaken branches at giddy heights.

Small creatures waking beneath our feet,

gently stirring in summer’s heat –

itsy bitsy butterflies emerge from the dirt,

in blue summer dresses they dance and they flirt.

As your horizon melts with the setting sun,

and all is said and all is done,

you can happily heave a great big sigh,

content beneath your great big sky.