BC small 12

The Heath - Infancy

Turned upside-down your soil is now pure,

Buried – the chemicals, muck and manure.

Machines have returned you to heathland once more,

Releasing your spirit, letting it soar,

Responding to management, teamwork and vision,

You’re gathering pace, you’ve made it your mission

To nurture the flowering shoots of young heather,

Planted and sown disregarding the weather

By a lot of kind folk armed with tools in the fall

United in purpose and answering your call.


Your wildflower meadow, lovingly sown

Enjoyed summer glory but now is windblown

Scattering delicate seeds far and near,

To provide for the insects and birds come next year.

Your resident jewel – small butterfly blue

Was starring the heather this summer on cue.

With soft hues of autumn your trees are now kissed

And your mornings obscured by chill autumn mist,

Your beauty – now fading to see winter through

Will emerge in the springtime all fresh, bright and new.


In wintry slumbers perhaps you will dream

Of a coveted wish with a watery theme,

A shimmering pond will be yours very soon,

Glinting in sunshine, reflecting the moon.

There’ll be tadpoles and newts and grass- snakes that slither,

And dragonflies darting hither and thither.

May your dreams be sweet as you sleepily lie

Beneath your seemingly endless sky.